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 Does the idea that life can be free from obsessing about someone or something seem impossible?

It is possible!  Life can be fun and include happiness, joy, love and comfort.  It can also include the ability to tolerate pain, sadness, and guilt without using destructive behaviors to cope.

If thinking about food, exercise, or your body takes up more of your time than you’d like, rest assured that there are solutions.

Disordered eating comes in many forms and doesn’t have to include throwing up or starving.  If you don’t like your relationship with food or you’d like to have a better relationship with your body, know that it is possible.

What's possible:
Many people have been freed from compulsive thoughts and behaviors and you can too.
The work we will do includes uncovering new meanings for “hungry” and “full,” understanding what obsessions can be really about, and how to have relationships that are less difficult and more rewarding.  

If you or someone you care about is struggling with thoughts or behaviors you don’t want anymore, contact me for an appointment or referrals to appropriate resources.

Next month, you could be thinking about how different you were, back when you were still just thinking about getting help.

Schedule with Kathryn.